Mont Saint Michel: Is it Really Worth the Visit? (in 2021)

Have you ever seen a picture of the interior of Mont Saint Michel?

Oor what the surroundings of Mont Saint Michel look like?

Probably, not.

It is always a variation of the same thing: the French island, distant and pointed, sometimes surrounded by sheep, sometimes misty mist, sometimes a sunset.

It is really worth visiting Mont Saint Michel for its history

Mont Saint Michel : ça Vaut Vraiment le Coup de le Visiter ?
The long history of Mont-Saint-Michel begins in 708.

We’re not going to go into prehistory, but at first glance the island itself has existed as long as your husband’s promise to recall his mother.

On the other hand, the abbey has existed since 708.

So, in 708, Saint Michael appeared to the bishop of a neighboring city in a vision (allegedly) and told him to build a church on that big rock in the ocean /strong> (prétendument).

He ignored this vision because he had not yet become completely crazy, then two metaphysical visions (and somewhat abusive, in fact) later, he finally caved in and built this sacred church.

It was a time when announcing that long dead spiritual saints visited you and told you to do crazy things made you a saint yourself.

It is this divine intervention that has made Mont Saint Michel not only a perfect image for your wallpaper, but also one of the most important places of pilgrimage of Christianity, a stage on the way of saint James

The island has fewer than 50 permanent residents at any time but hosts hundreds of thousands of religious pilgrims every year.

Not to mention tourists, Pinterest pilgrims who travel the world looking for the best places to show their friends on Facebook, including with their favorite pet .

In 1979, Mont Saint Michel and its bay were officially inscribed on The UNESCO world heritage site after meeting criteria such as

  • The exceptional combination of natural and cultural elements and
  • interaction between man and his natural environment

Mont Saint Michel is definitely worth a visit for its medieval character

Mont Saint Michel : ça Vaut Vraiment le Coup de le Visiter ?
People seem to like everything about medieval times.

We love architecture (castles!), clothes (these dresses!), knights.

Nwe love the drama and barbarism – of life which is, for some strange reason, very sexy.

We dress and we go to Renaissance festivals and we’re obsessed with Game of Thrones to an almost unhealthy extent.

And that’s where Mont Saint Michel comes in.

you will see the architecture of the island and notice that it seems frozen in the past, like the wreckage of your colleague’s 1980s hairstyle, which you can’t help but look at and which looks like Disney fairy tale

You will stand at the bottom of the island, looking towards the abbey, and you will wonder how many dragons flew over this place.

You will enter the heart of the city through a drawbridge and your heart of hobbit will leap forward.

You will throw your arms and start singing about this provincial city as you walk through the streets.

Only, before the people in the city find you strange, you’ll run into about 20 people because these little streets are full of people.

The Mont Saint Michel, which is truly worth a visit, is picturesque, cute and… filled with tourists who want to see it for themselves.

The main street you’ll cross is lined with countless souvenir shops and restaurants and… 2.5 millioin visitors a year.

Although at first it’s a discouraging fact (you just want to pretend you’re a Disney princess for a minute), it’s helpful to know that this street has always been like that.

Even in the Middle Ages, the main street of the city was flooded with merchants selling everything from fast food to candles

  • the swords,
  • lthe house banners
  • and werewolf puppies.

But as crowded as she is, she remains as charming as ever.

Let yourself be guided through the cobbled streets and cross the abbey gardens and its Gothic cathedral.

It is really worth visiting Mont Saint Michel for the views.

Mont Saint Michel : ça Vaut Vraiment le Coup de le Visiter ?
Mont Saint-Michel may be very popular for its look, but it deserves all the attention.

The island is beautiful without effort and even more in person where you can admire its size, its smallest details and its complete environment.

To start, seeing Mont Saint Michel up close and in person is fantastic but seeing Mont Saint Michel in the distance on your way is extraordinary!

All faces will be glued to the bus window, taking photos of mobile phones through a green tinted window that they will consider a really useless thing to do.

But it’s the magic of this kind of place.

You see it on the approach and you gasp because that’s where it’s needed.

Capture this moment!

The view of Mont Saint Michel is incredible, when you cross the bridge, and from the bottom up.

Is it because this part is never touted, pinned, or shown in the vacation slides? Maybe a little.

Everybody loves an outsider, right? Why show the surrounding flat lands when there is a medieval fortress island here from a Disney movie?

However, the surroundings of Mont Saint Michel are quite unique.

At high tide, Mont Saint Michel becomes an island.

At low tide, it is the dream of every married princess, a vast expanse of real quicksand

As the tides recede, they create beautiful swirls of different colours every day.

And there’s not an inch of water as far as the eye can see.

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